Woolworths Application Process

  • How long does it take to hear back from Woolworths after applying?
  • How much do you get paid at Woolies?
  • What should I expect at Woolworths interview?

Woolworths a.k.a Woolies is a chain of supermarkets and grocery stores that have their origins in Australia, where they are one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to retailing. By revenue, they are the largest company in Australia, and second in New Zealand.

No doubt it’s a big deal to work in a company like this especially when you consider that they are constantly expanding. Even though they have over 205,000 employees, they currently have over 1000 vacancies with about 3000 places for one to work in.

Woolworths Application

The opportunity for growth here is large, and so they receive numerous applications all the time.  Even though everybody can’t get in, the hiring procedure is very simple and you can get on with it right away. To apply, simply search for your interested role, after which you send in your documents for review. Then, get ready for a series of assessments.

Woolworths Assessment

Depending on what role, and stream you apply, the method of assessment could vary. They’ll however fall into one of the following categories:

  • Cognitive tests: your thinking abilities are tested.
  • Psychometric test: your personality is tested along with your cognitive tests
  • Assessment centres: this is usually fixed for a particular day and divided into stages where you are given certain tasks to complete so as to test your skills and assess your technical knowledge. It usually ends in an interview stage.

Woolworths Interview

Asides the assessment centre interview that takes place in person, you’ll also take some form of digital interview where you are given some questions to record your answers. This part basically tests your knowledge of the role and assesses your passion and interests.

The face-to-face interview will essentially go over other things not covered already, and give you a chance to meet the team.

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