Wesfarmers Hiring Process

With a rich 107-year old history, Wesfarmers is one of Australia’s largest listed companies, and employer of labour. They are a conglomerate with diversified business options that cut across home improvement, industry and safety products, office supplies, mining and energy resources, etc.

Their primary objective is to deliver satisfactory returns to shareholders, and so, it is a big deal to work in a company like this. Below is a breakdown of what it takes to be a part of the team.

Wesfarmers Application

Due to how large the conglomerate is, there are several career options under different disciplines e.g., data and digital, management, engineering, etc.

Whatever the role is, you can always look up the current opportunities on their site. Just in case you do not find something suitable, then register to join their talent community and you’ll be duly informed when something pops up.

Once you find the right role on the site, all you need do is combine your resume and covering letter in one document, click on apply and follow the laid out procedure.

Wesfarmers Assessment And Interview

After submitting your application, the hiring process basically involves 3 stages:

  • Learning about you: this is where you learn more about the role you are about to take on, after which you are assessed. This is usually in form of technical and behavioural questions.
  • Skills test: next, your preparedness for the role is assessed using a sample work challenge where you’re expected to showcase your best skills.
  • Meet the leaders: this is where you meet with the heads, learn about the company’s vision and see how you fit into the process.

Here, they merge the assessment and interview processes together so as to fully test you before making a decision.

So apply as soon as you can, and wait on a date for your assessment and interview, and hopefully good news later on.

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