Thermo Fisher Scientific Assessment

We will help you understand the Thermo Fisher Scientific recruitment process in order to get ready for the job interview.

Hiring Process at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Steps in the Job Interview Process:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Online Interview
  3. Assessment test
  4. Background Screening
  5. In-Person Interview

Thermo Fisher Scientific Assessment Test

As part of the selection and recruitment process you will need to pass a number of assessment tests depending on the position you are applying for.

Abstract Reasoning Test

Abstract reasoning is a very important skill for workers at Thermo Fisher Scientific. This is thanks to the need to understand and evaluate complicated scenarios and problems with little assistance or managerial interference.

This section of the test will involve looking at complex figures and illustrations, then using the provided information to answer questions involving image variations, patterns, and more.

Verbal Test

This portion of the Logic battery of tests takes a look at your verbal and reading comprehension, which is a useful skill for all positions at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

This section involves reading a prompt that may be of varying length. After you’ve read the text you must answer a series of multiple choice questions that involve the information provided in the prompt.

Personality Test

In addition to the assessments at Thermo Fisher Scientific, you will need to complete a personality assessment. These evaluations are vital to discovering your natural behavioral traits and reactive tendencies.

The personality and Preferences Index involves rating a multitude of questions and scenarios. This might involve reading a scenario and choosing how you might respond. It can also mean reading a behavioral trait and expressing how closely you relate to that trait.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical Reasoning Test requires quite a bit of preparation as it covers many complex areas of number logic and data processing. The test is usually less than 20 questions in length and takes you through a series of graphs, charts, and other forms of data that involve the heavy use of numbers and figures

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About The Company

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American provisioner of scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software and services to healthcare, life science, and other laboratories in academia, government, and industry.
Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts, United States


  • Trex Medical Corporation designs manufacture and markets mammography equipment
  • Cole-Parmer, now Antylia Scientific, is a global leader in peristaltic and single-use bioprocessing solutions as well as a diverse portfolio of life sciences and diagnostic products for the pharma, biopharma, healthcare, and environmental markets.
  • Patheon N.V. is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization headquartered in Amsterdam and Durham, North Carolina, United States.
  • Dionex Corporation develops, manufactures, sells, and services analytical chromatography systems for separating, isolating, and identifying the components of chemical mixtures.
  • Thermo NITON Analyzers
  • Acros Organics B.V.B.A.
  • Affymetrix is a brand of DNA microarray products sold by Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Phadia develops, manufactures, and markets blood test systems to support the clinical diagnosis and monitoring of allergy, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.
  • FEI Company is an American company that designs, manufactures, and supports microscope technology.
  • Lancaster Laboratories is one of the largest contract laboratories in the United States.
  • Fermentas was a biotechnology company specializing in the discovery and production of molecular biology products for life science research and diagnostics.
  • Cellomics is the discipline of quantitative cell analysis
  • Abgene
  • Chromaco
  • Duke Scientific
  • Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services


choose a career with the world leader in serving science

  • Manager, PCT License Partner Management
  • Building Maintenance Technician II
  • Account Relationship Manager, Oil, Gas, Petrochem, and Chemical
  • Inventory Coordinator II
  • Lean Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Specialist II
  • Technica Sales Specialist
  • Team Lead 3rd Shift
  • Material Handler II Storage
  • Engineer III, Software
  • Technical Sales Specialist

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