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Talent Q, administered by Korn Ferry (a branch of the Hay Group), specializes in designing and delivering online psychometric assessments, training programs, and consultancy services. They are a very well-known firm, operating in over 50 countries with tests available in 40 different languages.

The Talent Q tests cover a wide variety of psychometric evaluations that are used to assess a candidate’s personality, competence, ability, and motivations — allowing employers to hire only suitable candidates.

Talent Q tests include a series of benefits and characteristics that differ from similar aptitude tests, including:

1. They are adaptive

Meaning that, depending on your capabilities and responses, the system chooses the orders in which questions are presented. This method is also known as computer adaptive testing (CAT). As a result, it allows the test to quickly determine a person’s maximum performance capabilities, reducing the time required for testing.

2. They are blended

Assessments allow a full view of a candidate by providing insightful information on personality traits, values, experience, and motivation.

3. They evaluate a person’s ability to work under pressure

All of Talent Q’s evaluations assess a person’s ability to work quickly and effectively while under pressure. Allowing less time for guessing and more accurate results.

Although the company offers a wide array of tools and evaluations, the most common assessments are:

Online Talent Q assessment practice test


Dimension is an online test that focuses on personality. It explores a person’s aptitude based on three different categories: People & Relationships, Drives & Emotions, and Tasks & Projects. Overall, the test has a 25-minute time frame, consisting of 160 multiple-choice questions. Here, candidates are required to rate how they feel about a specific statement.

Note that this exam is usually adapted to meet the position you are planning on filling. Hence, employers customize the profile for each job individually to screen candidates for role suitability.

Aspects and Abilities

This series includes three different evaluations: verbal, numerical, and checking. Overall, they are straightforward online questionnaires that take between 5 to 10 minutes to complete and are usually administered to candidates seeking frontline, customer service, and sales roles.

Also, this series may include a ‘styles’ portion or a separate competency-based questionnaire. Similar to that of Myers Briggs, this portion uses a 16-personality trait system that determines a person’s suitability for a particular position.


‘Elements’ is Talent Q’s most common set of evaluations, and is also made up of three different assessments:

1.    Numerical

Assesses your capability to understand and interpret numerical data. It involves math skills, algebraic understanding, and problem-solving skills.

2.    Verbal

Determines your ability to understand and make decisions based on written material. It generally includes a short passage followed by a set of multiple-choice questions.

3.    Logical Reasoning

Assesses your logical and analytical abilities by examining your capability to recognize abstract patterns quickly and accurately.

Keep in mind that each evaluation has between 12 to 15 questions and that you might not always be required to take all three assessments. Generally, employers only select the topics that are relevant to the job you are considering.

Online Talent Q assessment practice test

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