Starbucks Hiring and Interview Process

Starbucks’ mission is to form a team of committed individuals within a working environment that allows each employee to express freely while also contributing to the company.

To do so, the company has established a series of custom methods to asses candidates based on the position they are interested in pursuing.

For operational positions, and low-responsibility jobs, internal recruitment takes place. Usually, the company seeks to exploit the skills of current employees to foster their personal and professional development.

In case that a current employee is not chosen to cover the vacancy, external recruitment takes place through the Starbucks’ careers website.

Finding the right individual to fulfill a job with high-responsibility within Starbucks corporate offices can be complicated. Thus, the company uses HR experts and external consultants (or head hunters.) By doing so, the company makes sure that they are only evaluating promising candidates for current vacancies.

The Selection Process:

The Selection process and interview at Starbucks .

Online Application

The first thing you will need to do is visit their careers portal and register as a new user. From here, you will need to send your Curriculum Vitae (CV), confirm availability, and filter your preferences.

In some cases, you may be asked to complete a personality test before submitting your application.  The more the company knows about you, the better.


Once the application is received, recruiters will analyze each candidate’s profile and contrast them to the position for which he/she applied. If you seem like the right fit for the job, HR will take a closer look at your employment history and educational background.

Phone Interview

If the candidate meets all the requirements for the post, he/she will receive an invitation for a telephone interview. Usually, the call takes only around 15 minutes. Here, the head hunter confirms first-hand the information expressed on your resume.

Face-to-face Interview

If you pass the phone screening, you will be called to a face-to-face interview. Generally, candidates are interviewed by a manager or director (depending on the position). It usually is a 30-40 minutes meeting, where the interviewer will assess necessary information, question you about capabilities, skills, defects, and ask a few work-related questions.


If you are selected to cover the position for which you applied, you will be notified to take one (or more) or more assessments. The most common evaluations are:

These tests are carried out online and last approximately two-three hours.

Social-economic Review

It might seem odd, but Starbucks has an influential brand culture. Thus, before offering an official job offer, the candidate’s background is thoroughly evaluated. The company assesses needs, family background, hygiene, manners, and education.


Once you have successfully passed all of the steps mentioned above, you will receive a confirmation call. Here, the company formally extends an offer and schedules an induction before starting the job.

Starbuck’s hiring process is very straightforward when compared to other companies. Besides, it takes only about 3-4 weeks to complete from start to finish.

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