Slalom Assessment Tests

Slalom is a modern consulting firm that serves 40 markets across the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. The company serves clients including more than half the Fortune 100 and a third of the Fortune 500, in addition to startups, nonprofits, and innovative organizations of all kinds.

The $2.4 billion company employs over 9,500 individuals. Here’s what it takes to join the team!

Company Hiring Process

Slalom’s hiring process takes place primarily online. First, you’ll need to submit an online application, followed by a virtual interview process. Slalom uses a mix of video conferencing, digital tools, and shared coding to assess your skills throughout the interview process.

Due to COVID-19, your interview process will take place entirely online, though you will still be communicating live with your interviewers. Slalom cares deeply about company culture, so your live interviews are important to not only assess your skills but to also make sure your personality will be a good fit for the team.

The entire interview process usually only takes a few weeks. Below is all the information you’ll need to successfully navigate through the interview process.

Slalom Assessment Tests

During your interview with a team member from your potential team, you will undergo a skills assessment. This skills assessment will be face-to-face with your interviewer in real time, and it will be based on the specific programs you’ll be expected to use for your role.

Some roles will also require a case presentation, which can be thought of like a practice assessment for the type of projects you’ll handle on the job. This case presentation will be based on a take-home case, which you will then present to senior leadership to discuss your approach.

Slalom Interview Process

The process is quite straightforward, with three to four rounds. You’ll meet with an HR recruiter, a potential colleague, a senior manager outside the department you’re interviewing for, and possibly a case presentation.

Throughout each round, you’ll be asked to answer questions about your experience working through difficult situations with clients and coworkers, your ability to handle ambiguity and assess the best way to work through problems, as well as your motivations for applying to work with the Slalom team.

One example of a question you might be asked during your interview with leadership is, “Tell us about a time that a project didn’t go the way you expected and how you handled it.”

Additionally, the interviewers will want to know about your experience working with systems related to the job — which will be mentioned in the job listing.

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