Sears Interview Hiring Process Questions And Answers

As one of the largest retail stores in the United States, Sears seeks competitive and talented candidates to cover vacancies. The recruitment process might be compared to that of large multinational companies. Nonetheless, it has proven to be one of the most effective when evaluating hiring success and employees’ approval.

Selection Process

When a position is opened, the company notifies current employees first, giving them the option to apply. Moreover, HR informs the heads of each department, in case him/her believes that they have a potential candidate for the position at hand. If there is no viable candidate within current employees, Sears proceeds to an external search.

External searches are done online through LinkedIn, Indeed, and Sear’s careers website.  You may apply online or handed in at a designated Sears’ facility. It is essential to take into account that during this step, the candidate should inform their availability for an interview.

To select viable candidates, an electronic evaluation takes place — this evaluation assesses abilities, skills, attitudes, and other characteristics.


Candidates are later informed if she/he successfully pass the evaluation. If considered the right fit, the candidate will be called for an in-person interview to check the data collected in the review along with the job application or CV. This initial interview can take between one to two hours depending on the job position.

Keep in mind that during this step, the candidate can be called for a second interview. Furthermore, note that the first meeting is usually conducted by HR recruiter; while the immediate supervisor of the position holds the second interview. In some cases, the second interview may also be done by the director of the department you are interested in pursuing.

Typically, this second interview takes plays only if you are applying for departments with high-pressure positions. These types of jobs require a more thorough assessment, background check, and approval.

Tests & Evaluations

If the candidate is applying to a job in the legal department or the finance department, she/he will also need to complete a series of tests. Generally, these evaluations include personal and physiological evaluations. The purpose is to evaluate several aspects that the company will need to check before hiring a candidate for such a position. Besides, some other factors are evaluated, such as sales orientation, teamwork, and working under pressure.


Once the candidate is selected, an induction course will take place before starting the new position. The induction course or trainee program can take 4 or 6 days (depending on the job). In addition, this program is typically conducted by an HR representative or the department’s supervisor.

Take this time to ask any relevant questions you may have and prepare yourself for the task at hand. It is always best to clarify doubts before starting the position, rather than waiting until a problem arises and you do not know how to solve it.

According to former candidates and employees, the recruitment process at Sears can be considered as a normal and short one. Before being selected, the procedure can take four to six weeks.

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