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What is a Revelian test?

Revelian is a data-based company that specialized in human behavior insights. As a result, many multinational organizations hire Revelian to administer aptitude and psychometric evaluations to match individuals to specific roles. 

By using state of the art technology, the firm can obtain valuable insight into a person’s capability, motivation, skills, and behaviors. There are many different evaluations available; however, the most common Revelian assessments include:

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Cognitive Ability

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) is probably the most popular tests of all. It consists of a series of questions that relate to verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning to measure a person’s critical thinking and reasoning skills. Moreover, it predicts how well a person will understand, retain, and apply information in the workplace.

The RCAT includes 51 questions and is designed to be completed in approximately 20 minutes. 

Verbal Reasoning

Assesses a candidate’s qualifications to solve problems involving words and to understand verbal relationships. It consists of 35 questions and has a 10-minute timeframe. 

Keep in mind that the assessment is designed to evaluate abilities that don’t rely on any specific knowledge. Thus, it requires much concentration on your part. 

Numerical Reasoning

Evaluates a person’s ability to understand mathematical relationships and concepts. It is administered to candidates looking to fill positions were working with number is a crucial part of the job. 

The test includes 25 questions that use graphics, series, and numbers, requiring candidates to fill in the right answers.

Usually, you will have only 12 minutes to complete the test. 

Abstract Reasoning

Assesses the candidate’s ability to solve conceptual problems by identifying relationships and analyzing patterns. Typically, the test includes only 32 questions to be completed in 10 minutes or less.  

Note that items include mostly shapes and diagrams, requiring you to make decisions based on only conceptual information.

Behavioral Profile

The Revelian Behavioral Profile (RBP) interprets and predicts how a person will behave, interact, and communicate in a working environment. It is an untimed assessment with 24 questions. 

Here, candidates nominate which of four behavioral descriptors are most and least like their current or previous job. 

16 Personality Factors Questionnaire (16PF)

This test evaluates the personality dimensions that underlie an individual’s behavior. Its goal is to help predict role behavior when presented with different situations and team fit. 

Although it is usually untimed, most candidates take between 25-30 minutes to complete all 170 multiple-choice questions. 

Emotional Intelligence

Also known as the (MSCEIT), this test focuses on the ability to understand his/her and others’ emotions. As a result, it measures your ability to understand and use emotions to solve problems effectively and to manage feelings appropriately within the workplace. 

The evaluation consists of 141 questions that include a variety of faces, pictures, situations, and scenarios involving emotions. It is untimed and usually takes 40 minutes to complete. 

Technical Skills Tests

Revelian offers companies 900+ skills tests to evaluate job-specific traits across areas such as software, clerical, call center, industrial, financial, technical, and more.

Other less common Revelian assessments include the value inventory test, work preference profile, work reliability scale, and work safety assessment. 

Online Revelian Assessment Preparation

Revelian sample questions:

Which of the following options belongs in the blank square above? 

Revelian sample questions:

Common Questions About Revelian Test

What are the Core cognitive skills?

  • Speed of Information Processing
  • Working Memory
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Multiple Simultaneous Attention

What does the clock drawing test measure?

The clock drawing test is using for cognitive screening

How long does a cognitive test take?

The test usually completed in less than 3 hours

What kind of questions are on a cognitive test?

Numerical reasoning and Verbal reasoning

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