Prepare for Pre-Employment Personality and Aptitude Tests

You were invited for a job interview and received an invitation to take Pre-Employment Personality or Aptitude Assessment Tests?

Whether it is a cognitive ability test, a skills test or personality assessment is important to prepare in advance for the interview.

The psychometric and assessment tests that you may have to take depend on the role for which you are applying. And sometimes even the country where you will work.

Pre-Employment Assessments

You may have to take any of the following Pre-Employment assessments:

Personality Tests PracticeSituational Judgement TestVerbal Reasoning Test
CCAT Practice TestAptitude TestsLogical Reasoning Test
PAPI Personality Inventory TestInductive Reasoning TestsSpatial Reasoning Tests
Deductive Reasoning TestsAbstract Reasoning TestNumerical Reasoning Tests
Mechanical Reasoning Tests PracticeBennett Mechanical Comprehension TestGallup Strengths Test
Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude TestWiesen Test (WTMA)

Start practice today and improve your hiring chances

Why is a High Test Score Important?

A high score on the Pre-Employment assessment test will give you top priority during the selection process.

Preparing beforehand increases your chances of success by about 70%.

  1. It is not enough to pass the test in order to be accepted for the job you need to have the highest score from the other candidates.
  2. Some companies offer higher salaries to candidates who get a high score on the exam.
  3. Your score is stored in HR systems and if a new position becomes vacant, there is a chance that they will contact you with an offer.

Start practice today and improve your hiring chances

Why use psychometric, Personality and Aptitude testing in recruitment process?

  1. The psychometric selection aims to provide measurable on the candidate’s suitability in order to examine whether the candidate is suitable for the position and the team with which he should work.
  2. Aptitude Test selection is an opportunity to make a more informed decision and evaluate skills, abilities, knowledge, and potential of the candidates.

Popular Test Provider Companies

There are cases where the HR department does not update you on which test you need to pass but gives the name of the test provider.

We have an Bundle pack which will allows you to study for as many test you need.

SHLIBM Kenexacut-eCubiksThomas International
BerkeTalent-QPI-LI (PLI)Korn FerryAon G.A.T.A.
CaliperCappEEIPFSTest Partnership
PearsonPITeSkillPrevueCriterion Partnership
BirkmanSienaHarrisonIPSPDilemmas Series

Start practice today and improve your hiring chances

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