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What are personality tests? They are tests that try to determine, as the word implies, the personality constructs of a particular person. Most of these tests are actually introspective. This means they involve self-report questionnaires, measures, or reports from life records such as rating scales.

Predictably, there have been various difficulties with these sorts of tests because of their introspective nature. This is because they are extremely susceptible to motivational response distortion. This can range all the way from lack of proper self-insight (or biased perceptions) down to intellectual dishonesty,  depending, of course, on the reason or motivation for the assessment.

Basically, this means that it is difficult to get accurate personality tests because, since the tests are introspective, they depend wholly on honest answers from the person being tested. It becomes problematic when a person is involved in self-delusion, and, rather than face the realities of his/her personality, gives wrong answers to satisfy his/her own ego.


Personality tests, when carried out properly, can be very important. The hell you to understand yourself, and your motivations and help teach you how to relate with others. Additionally, personality tests can help us learn how others might react to certain scenarios or about how compatible they can be in dealing with certain situations.

  • These tests can be used for understanding oneself, for job placement, and for understanding how to better relate with others in an f help in human resource management, it is no wonder that some companies require potential employees to take one.
  •  Some kinds of jobs require a certain kind of personality. For example, it is hardly rocket science to hypothesize that extroverts would do better jobs as salesmen and saleswomen than introverts would. Some companies work in groups, and in order to decide what sort of group you would be suitable for, you might be asked to take a personality test. This would ensure that you would be put in a group that bests suits your abilities and temperament. In addition to that, personality tests can identify people who would be comfortable with the more tasking roles that the job entails. An example is this, if a job role needs a personality that would be contended with routine and repetitive work, it will make sense if a personality test was done to determine the sort of people that would be satisfied with such work.
  • Personality tests can help improve group interaction and efficiency. Not only are personality tests helpful in determining your personality, they also help to teach you how to relate with other people and learn more about them. If all members of a team took personality tests and shared them with others, it would make the team cohesive as members of the team would understand the different sorts of personality traits that each person has, and they would understand how best to relate to such a person based on their personality.
  • Personality tests are also important because they increase self-reflection and allow people to understand themselves better. These tests increase the level of awareness that people have of themselves as it becomes easier for them to understand their motivations and strengths. For example, if a person understands that they are an introvert and this is part of the reason they are uncomfortable with making speeches and public appearances, it makes it easier for them to deal with that aspect of their jobs and create happiness for themselves.

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Some employers consider a lot before hiring or recruiting members to their team. After all, a work environment, in other to be truly effective, needs to be cohesive and cordial, and a bunch of different or problematic personalities can throw off the entire synergy of the group. Therefore, here are some of the particular reasons why personality tests are important to employers.

  • When hiring, a lot of employers consider the dynamics that a prospective employee might bring to the workforce. Questions like how well they will work with others, if they will be problematic or not, or if they will add toxicity to the work environment and other such questions are important and need to be answered. Of course, an easier way to answer these questions is through a comprehensive personality test.
  • Generally speaking, people love to buy from nice, cheerful, and outgoing people. This means that it is unlikely for a moody, introverted and shy person to be an adequate sales rep or marketing manager. This means that in order to adequately fill a position, it would be smart to let applicants take a personality test. This, of course, helps employers fill positions adequately as they put square pegs in square holes personality-wise. With this, employers expect an increase in work productivity and efficiency.
  • Personality tests can tell an employer a lot about a potential employee’s motivations, abilities, and tendencies. This helps to inform decisions regarding hiring and recruitment, as employers would like to able to know how to motivate employees and know what makes them tick.
  • Most importantly, perhaps, employers would like to hire people they like and would enjoy working with. There are personality types that are suitable to work with, and some employers would be on the lookout for people with these personality traits.


Personality tests are good tools for determining the construct of a person’s personality and although sometimes they might be subject to error, they give more or less accurate results about a person’s personality trait. This, like many other tests, can be of good use to human resources managers as they help to decide methods of mediating conflict in the workplace.

This is because some methods work more with some personalities than with others. These sorts of tests can also be very useful when deciding who to hire for a particular role that involves a dominant personality trait. For example, it would be better for a silent and secretive person to be hired for a position that involves a lot of secrecy than for a blabbermouth to be hired for the same position. And on the flip side, it would be better for an extrovert, rather than a shy person, to be hired for a position that requires networking and creating and maintaining relationships.

Personality Test Questions

I make friends easilyNO  □□□□□□YES
People can rarely upset youNO  □□□□□□YES
I trust othersNO  □□□□□□YES
I often feel sadNO  □□□□□□YES

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Statement on a scale from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree)

  1. My father always tells me that I had a vivid imagination.

2. I usually have a dramatic mood

3. I enjoy reading a Newspaper

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