NYS Corrections Officer Exam Practice

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The New York State Corrections Officer exam is not a written test. It is a questionnaire following your training that helps the state get an idea of what you’ve learned throughout your training to ensure you thoroughly understand the duties of your job.

Even though this is not a written test, there are still ways to prepare for the questionnaire to make sure you make it through with flying colors.

NYS Corrections Preparation

In order to become a New York State Corrections Officer, you first need to submit your online application. Once you’ve undergone a background check, then you will need to be evaluated based on character and fitness — both physical and mental. After you have been deemed fit to serve, you will enter a 12-month traineeship. During the training program, you will first spend eight weeks in a military style environment to receive physical training and go through educational courses on crisis response and other concepts in the correctional environment.

After your eight week training program, you will spend the rest of the year under a probationary period of work before you are invited to a permanent position. You will learn from other corrections officers and receive on-the-job training.

Examination before permanent appointment

Before your permanent appointment, you will fill out an online questionnaire about your training. This is an exam, and you must pass it in order to receive a permanent position. However, it is not a sit-down, timed assessment. Instead, you are going to be asked to explain your training in detail.

It is essential that you describe your training and experience as completely as possible — do not skip anything. Ambiguity, vagueness, or omissions can severely hurt your score. If you do not remember or do not know the answer to a question, do not try to write around it. Be honest. Every statement you make about your training will be verified. This questionnaire is to make sure that you’ve received the proper amount of training in order to be working on your own as a corrections officer.

Your final score must be 70 or higher in order to pass the online questionnaire and be offered a full time position.

Not an exam? How do I study?

The best way to prepare for this online questionnaire is to thoroughly absorb everything you can during training and take thorough, detailed notes. At the end of each day, write down everything you’ve learned. As your exam approaches, read through these notes to remind yourself of every detail about your training.

You can also purchase a sample questionnaire to help you understand the types of questions you’ll be asked and practice writing out your detailed responses.

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