Korn Ferry Assessment

  • What is a Korn Ferry assessment?
  • How do I prepare for a Korn assessment?
  • Is the Korn Ferry assessment hard?
  • How do I pass the Korn Ferry employment assessment?

The Korn Ferry Assessment is a predictive test to help organizations gauge an individual’s current abilities and future potential. It is often given to job candidates prior to being hired, but some companies will also ask current employees to take the assessment in order to strategize about the future of the workforce. It is one questionnaire, but it is said to be able to measure the skills of any individual in the corporate ladder from the CEO to an associate.

Exam Details

As explained above, this assessment does not change at all depending on an individual’s job title or level. There are different areas that the assessment may test an individual on including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning. Korn Ferry also offers a personality assessment, which seeks to understand a person’s behaviour, relationships, and sources of energy and/or motivation.

Another Korn Ferry assessment is the leadership and competencies test. These assessments focus on situational judgement and the ability to make the most reasonable decision based on the information you have at the time.

Because the assessment is a strengths finder of sorts, it will adapt as an individual moves through the exam. As it progresses, questions will become more difficult. If someone answers a question quickly and correctly, the system will try to give a more complex and challenging question. However, if a candidate pauses for a long period of time or answers the question incorrectly, the exam will scale back and ask something easier.

Exam Preparation

The best way to prepare for the Korn Ferry assessment is to interact with practice tests that are designed similarly to the actual test. By investing in these practice tests, you will expose yourself to the exact types of questions you can expect to encounter. If the practice tests are digital and interactive as well, that is even better. Work through each assessment multiple times to increase your ability to answer the complex questions in a quicker amount of time.

This exposure will help eliminate the pressure on the day of your actual exam, which can contribute to an overall better score.

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