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How do I pass a job assessment test?
What is an online assessment test?
How do I prepare for an assessment test?
How do I pass a behavior assessment test?
How do you pass a psychometric test?

A pre-employment assessment is a tool used to evaluate job candidates.

Practice as many aptitude tests as you can, the more you practice the better you will get your dream job.

Revelian Tests

What is a Revelian test? Revelian is a data-based company that specialized in human behavior insights. As a result, many multinational organizations hire Revelian to […]

SHL Tests

SHL is an international psychometric test publisher, talent measurement consultancy, and occupational specialist. It is part of CEB/Gartner serving more than 10,000 organizations in over […]

Predictive Index Tests

Predictive Index is a talent optimization company used by a variety of multinational enterprises such as IBM, Chevron, Dell, Ikea, and Subway. The firm specializes […]

Wonderlic Tests

With 80+ years of experience, Wonderlic is a privately-owned company headquartered in the U.S. and one of the founding members of the Association of Test […]

Matrigma Test

The Matrigma Test was published in 2010 by the Swedish company Assessio, and today it is part of various multinational companies’ recruitment processes. This evaluation, […]

Cut-e Tests

Cut-e is a company owned by Aon that specializes in psychometric assessments and talent measurement. It is used by many well-known multinational corporations such as […]

Talent Q Tests

Talent Q, administered by Korn Ferry (a branch of the Hay Group), specializes in designing and delivering online psychometric assessments, training programs, and consultancy services. They […]

Mechanical Aptitude Test

The Mechanical Aptitude Test, also known as the Mechanical Comprehension Test, refers to an aptitude assessment used by various companies as part of their recruitment […]

Civil Service Examinations

Civil Service Examinations also referred to as public tendering, are assessments implemented in various countries as part of the admission process for civil services’ roles. Their […]

Hogan Assessment Tests

Dr. Joyce and Robert Hogan are the creators of this category of evaluations. They believed that personality, above all else, could determine a person’s success both personally […]