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Bank of America (BofA) is a financial service and investment bank based in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is one of the biggest financial services company in the US and it has branches in almost all states of America.

It is one of the big four banking romps in the US and it is the second-largest banking company behind only JP Morgan.

Being such a big company, Bank of America has a very robust recruitment process.

A lot of people apply to become employees and this sometimes makes it difficult for people to get jobs in the corporation.

Bank of America’s Global Talent Acquisition team is the arm of the bank that fills roles internally and externally.

As expected with big and successful companies, Bank of America employs the best of the best. Hard work, innovation, and talent are some of the factors that drive the recruitment process of this company.

Screening Process

As expected, the Bank of America has a process used to screen potential employees.

The first step is to submit an online application. Afterward, you fill a straightforward assessment. The next step after this is to receive an email scheduling a phone interview.

After having the phone interview, you are invited to have an on-site interview with a recruiter.

There are usually two stages of interviews. If you do not get to the second stage, you might not be offered a job. If you are successful, you get a job offer.

The interview process of the Bank of America is relatively straightforward.

Questions asked by interviewers include traditional questions like;

Tell us a bit about yourself, why should we hire you, what are your greatest professional strengths, why do you want to work here, what are your motivations, what values are most important to you and so on.

Tips For Passing Interview

While these questions may seem simple and straightforward, they aren’t always so.

Traditional interview questions are designed to allow you to take initiative and control the narrative. This kind of interview is designed for you to effectively sell yourself.

There are a few tips that you will be needing if you want to pass this kind of interview. The first, and perhaps most important, step is to do your research.

Read up on the company’s history, work ethics, and values.

Read about the current issues or initiatives that the company is involved in, challenges they have faced in the past, and how they have surmounted such challenges.

Read about the job role you applied for and how your work affects the overall dynamics of the company.

Read about people who formerly held that role and what they did right or wrong. While you can never do enough research about a company you want to work in, however, it is better if you head into the interview armed with knowledge.

Another great tip is to practice common interview questions. There are quite possibly only a few things worse than getting shocked or tongue-tied during an interview.

If you are asked a question like, what is your favorite task to complete, you really shouldn’t have to think before answering. Ideally, you should have a ready-made answer.

This gives interviewers the idea that you came prepared and are indeed ready to take on roles in the firm. When asked about your strengths are weaknesses, you should be honest about them.

However, you should be able to show the interviewers that your good sides outweigh the bad and whatever benefit they might get from hiring you is worth some disadvantage.

You should also be able to show that you are willing and able to overcome your weaknesses in other to make the teamwork better. Armed with these tips, it is hard to see how you can fail an interview.

Employment Assessment Test At Bank of America

  • What is the assessment test for Bank of America?
  • How long is the Bank of America hiring process?
  • How do I prepare for the Bank of America interview?
  • How do you get a job at Bank of America?

Assessment tests are designed to get an insight into your personal and professional background.
These tests can take a number of forms, such as a panel interview, software/skills assessment, case study, written test, or timed assignment.

You will need to practice the following tests

SJT, Mathematical Reasoning Test, Personality Test and Bank Teller exam

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Career Areas

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Bank Of America Salaries

Customer Service 29,000$ per year
Teller25,000$ per year
Relationship Manager47,000$ per year
Personal Banker41,000$ per year
Financial Center Manager66,000$ per year

In The News

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Retail banking drives Bank of America forward

Teller bank assessment

What is the bank teller assessment test? Bank Teller aptitude and assessment test helps employers to assess the aptitude skills to make sure they have the skills necessary to succeed in the teller job.

The Teller test includes:

  • Situational Judgement Test
  • Personality test
  • Math Test
  • English proficiency
  • Numerical tests

What happens in an assessment Centre?

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  1. I enjoy working for Bank of America and would like to stay working but there are no part time positions available

  2. The position I work in is a Teller position. Unlimited opportunities due to size of company, Great Benefits

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