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How to write the best resume and cover letter. before you start the process of finding your next job I invite you
to read all about the hiring process in different companies How to pass the interview and your assessment test.
If you are invited to a job interview test for one of the companies that do not appear on the site you are invited to send us the details and one of the career counselors will try to help you.

How To Write A Cover Letter

A cover letter gives you the opportunity to add information and expand on you resume, adding details and explanation that you couldn’t add to the strict structure and rules of a resume.  >>>

Sample Customer Service Cover Letter

I am writing to apply for the position of Customer Service Representative for, as advertised on your website’s careers page. I have 5 years of experience as a Customer Service Representative for Great Service, and I believe that I will be a great addition to your company.  >>>

Engineer Cover Letter Sample

I am writing to apply for the position of a Civil Engineer at , as advertised on your website’s careers page. During my previous role in Great Engineers, where I’ve spent 6 years, I have learned much that will be beneficial to you. >>>

Interview By Company

What Is Amazon Interview Process Like?

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world. It follows that they would have a robust and comprehensive recruitment strategy. When applying for an Amazon job, there are usually four steps taken >>>

Bank of America Assessments And Interviews

Bank of America has a very robust recruitment process. A lot of people apply to become employees and this sometimes makes it difficult for people to get jobs in the corporation.  >>>

Verizon Hiring Process And Assessment

Applying for a job at Verizon might seem like an extensive process. From start to finish it can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete. Besides, Verizon offers a variety of job opportunities that include roles in Retail, Sales, Customer Service, Technology, Cyber-security, and Corporate >>>

Hiring Process By Company

Target Hiring Process

Considering that Target is a large company and help is wanted in almost every field, the recruiting process will last no more than two weeks.


Home Depot’s Hiring Process

If you’re applying for a job at Home Depot, you will want to understand all the steps involved in the hiring process
The application and interview process differs from role to role >>>

Free Assessment Test

How do I pass a job assessment test?
What is an online assessment test?
How do I prepare for an assessment test?

Practice as many aptitude tests as you can, the more you practice the better you will get your dream job.

  • Revelian Tests
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  • Cut-e Tests
  • Hogan Assessment Tests
  • Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test
  • Free Situational Judgment Tests
  • Free Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Free Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Free Logical Reasoning Tests

Ace your Assessment

Ace your Assessment, Improve your score now with our aptitude tests practice.

Personality TestsBig Five Personality Traits$69
Situational Judgment TestsMeasures your behaviour and attitudes$69
Hogan Assessment TestsHPI, HDS, MVPI, and HBRI$69
Numerical Reasoning TestsEvaluate your ability to understand and work with numeric operations$59
Mechanical reasoning testBennett, Wiesen, Ramsay prep$69
HBRI Assessment TestBusiness Reasoning Inventory test$79

Start practice today and improve your hiring chances